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About French

Designed to be a self directed program, ÉCOUTEZ PARLEZ provides oral exercises on CD, along with bright, colourful images on every page. It presents a fun way to learn vocabulary, concepts and phrases while teaching pronunciation. Children love this program because it’s simple to follow, fun to use and short – it only takes 10 minutes to complete, once a day. Best of all, from the very first day, students are speaking French!

The key to success with this program is that the student REPEAT OUT LOUD, as instructed.

This technique of listening and speaking, imitates how French is learned in a real environment. We learn a language so that we can communicate. Often those who can speak some French, don’t because they are too self-conscious about the way they sound. ÉCOUTEZ PARLEZ  uses a simple one on one repetitive approach to developing proper pronunciation.

The unique function of our program is that it is designed to be administered by parents or teachers who have NO knowledge of the French language, and therefore can be used by anyone in any type of educational setting.


Even children as young as 4 years old can EASILY use this program. Repetition is the most natural way to learn a language and this program is so easy to use! Just open the book, turn on the CD and START SPEAKING FRENCH! Each book is designed to spiral progressively by interjecting previously learned concepts while adding new ones, so the student can gain a more comprehensive understanding of how the language works.

The development of ÉCOUTEZ PARLEZ  was based on standard educational guidelines, therefore it contains all the necessary skills and concepts that would correspond with any elementary curriculum across the country.

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