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Extremely Easy to use...

I love that my daughter loves it, and it is extremely easy to use. I love that she is getting so much listening practice everyday, yet she is looking at written word too. I love their choice of what material to cover. It is the kind of vocabulary that will appeal to children and provides good contex for the sentence structures that they work in. I love the graphics too. I love that it can be used with children as young as 2 yrs. old. Possibly the biggest asset is that it is appropriate for a wide age range, so families can buy one unit and use it for everyone. Most importantly to me, though, is the amount of content available. When you count all the units together, there are not many French programs there have this amount of content for students this young.


Satisfied Customer 

Pleased with the program

This is the first year we have started anything formal for French. Last year I focused on giving my kids exposure to the French language so they could hear the rhythm of the language. This year I chose this program. I realized last year that I could not read French correctly so I needed something that would say everything with correct pronunciation Écoutez Parlez is a program that focuses on repetition rather than Immersion. We Have used this program about four times so far my boys are beginning to repeat the French phrases easier. I am doing it along with them and I am pleased with the program. This is the first level and there are so many more Levels. We should finish the first book in one school year.

Satisfied Customer

I LOVE your program...

"I have used Ecoutez, Parlez now for longer than I remember!! I believe I first found it around 2010 or so to use with my daughter and 3 of her friends. I noticed that the four of them caught on to pronunciation better than any students I had worked with using other non-school resources. I should note that I have been working with a home school community for about 22 years after having taught in a public high school for 20 years"

Satisfied Customer


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